Analytische Balans

LCD display with small decimal digits
Membrane keyboard, water proof and solvent resistant, easy to use with TARE, ON/OFF, PRINT and MODE keys
Indication of the reached stable weight
Bar-graph indicator of dosage and remaining capacity of the balance
Parameters configurable by menu: reading in g (grams), lb (pound), oz (ounce), ct (carats), pcs (pieces), % (percentage)
Full scale automatic calibration with internal and/or external mass
Weighing underneath the balance
Selectable response time “fast/slow” (see table)

CE version (legal metrology) according to Directive 2009/23 EC (only for “CAL” models)
Liquids and solids density measuring devices
Remote command to activate various signals: print, tare, etc.
Executions with special capacity

*Metrological version according to 2014/31/UE