Display of surface tension value expressed in mN/m (dyne/cm) measured with the Wilhelmy method
Precision: ± 0.02 mN/m (dyne/cm)
Capacity: 1-1000 mN/m resolution 0.01 mN/m

Glass plates (dimensions 24x24x0.15 mm)
Suspended system for the arrangement of glass plate
Glass container for liquid sample
manual adjustable lab jack

Software with the following performances:
– contemporaneous display on PC:
– force changes during the measurements
– past time
– surface tension value
– data recording (useful for other elaborations)
– changing value of perimeter plate (if different from the standard)

Automatic jack with programmable speed (from 21 to 1000 μm/s)

Platinum Wilhelmy plate
Platinum Du Nouy ring

Floater calibrated in weight and in volume and double wall cylinder for density measurement:
– range of measure for the density: 0.5 ÷ 2.25 g/cm³
– readability: 0.00005 g/cm³
– precision and reproducibility: ± 0.00005 g/cm³

Specific container for sample thermostatation
Special plate for metrological control