Washability and Scrub Resistance Tester Model 494 MC

Washability and Scrubbing Resistance

The Model 494 MC is used to evaluate the wash/scrub resistance and cleanability of coatings (especially emulsion paints and “wall paints”). There are wide-range parameter settings so that the individual tests can be specified as required (e.g. for testing cleaning solutions, etc.). The basic unit can be levelled and is equipped with a cover plate for supporting the steel tub. It also has an integrated clamp for holding the sample. A high-precision stepper motor with a micro-controller uses a toothed belt drive with high repeatability to generate the periodic linear movement of a running frame that holds up to three scrubbers. The running frame has a pivot-mount so that the scrubber can be inserted. It is designed so that three parallel scouring tests can be carried out at the same time.


  • DIN 53 778-2
  • ASTM D 2486
  • DIN EN ISO 11998