Korrelgrootte, Dekkracht, Droogtijd

Particle Size, Dekkracht, Droogtijd, Testkaarten

Grindometer acc. to Hegman Model 232

Grain Size
For determining grinding fineness,
ISO/EN/DIN/ASTM, 4 versions

Test Charts Model 451

Hiding Power
For paints and coatings, covering capacity and colour
measurement, even without optical brighteners

Chalking Rate Tester according to Kempf Model 241

Chalking Rate Tester
For paints and coatings, chalking after binder
degradation by UV, according to Kempf

Drying Time Tester Model 415

Drying Tester
For paints and coatings, 7 drying degrees,
DIN 53 150/DIN EN ISO 1517

Through-dry Tester Model 416

Drying Tester
For paints and coatings, indentation using weight
and nylon mesh, ISO 9117/DIN EN 29117

Gradient Oven Model 432

Drying Tester
For evaluating drying and baking behaviours, testing
chemical resistance, 2 versions, up to 320 °C

Drying Time Recorder Model 504-V

Drying Tester
Up to 6 samples in parallel,
variable testing speeds